Cookie Policy

To ensure a good navigation experience, the website automatically saves small data files, known as cookies, into your computer.

A cookie is a small text file, which a website saves in your device when you visit it. Thanks to this procedure, the website remembers, for a limited amount of time which differs according to the type of cookie, your website related actions and preferences (language, font size, appearance preferences).

This website uses cookies to:

  • Remember your favourite appearance for the content of the website, like contracts, colour or font size;
  • Remember if have accepted (or denied) the use of cookies on the website;
  • Remember the preferences regarding feedback demands from the website (polls, pop-ups, etc);
  • Collecting anonymous statistics on the way arrived to access the website and the materials that you have viewed here;

The use of cookies is not mandatory for the functioning of the website, but it contributes to an optimal navigation experience. Cookies are not used to identify you personally or in other ways than described herein.

You can erase all the cookies in your device and you can block them from being saved by setting your browser accordingly. Should you do so, you may need to manually set your preferences, every time you visit the website. Also, some services and options might not work properly.

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