Recovering commercial debts and assets requires legal skills, intelligence, perseverance, and allocation of resources. Together with our experienced consultants, we have put in place an efficient system that we adapt according to each debtor’s particular situation, to ensure the best result. SECHESTRU-TOTAL handles commercial matters exclusively, therefore we do not recover debts and assets from consumers.

The core services provided by SECHESTRU-TOTAL® are the following:

  • Recovering commercial debts

We handle claims of all sizes and we have a significant expertise in recovering large debts. All our team members have business experience therefore we know what are the best ways in which a debtor can be coerced into fulfilling its obligations. Our approach is firm but diplomatic as we try to maintain a working relationship with the debtor.

We gather as much information as possible on the debtor and we initiate a customised action plan aimed at obtaining a voluntary payment of the debt. If the financial situation of the debtor demands it and after consulting with our client, we can put in place and enforce payment plans and settlement agreements.

If the debtor refuses to pay voluntarily, we have a strong litigation team and a network of debt collection professionals that can start legal proceedings and put pressure in the right spots, in order to convince the debtor that payment to our client is the only way out.

  • Asset tracing, seizing and recovery

We recover assets that our client owns, on which they have a lien or other guarantee or to which they are entitled in any other way. We recover these assets even when they have been transferred to third parties in transactions that look legitimate, but whose sole purpose is defrauding the creditors. Our services range from the repossession or seizing of movable assets (including airplanes and ships) and the seizing of immovable assets (factories, hotels, agricultural assets, large industrial machines) to the inventorying, sealing, storing, monitoring and guarding of the seized assets.

We have significant experience in tracing and seizing immaterial assets (shares, third party debt, crypto-currency, IP rights, software, etc.).

Our asset seizing activities can be part of the debt recovery process, in which case we advise the client on the most effective procedures, considering the specifics of the case.

  • Receivership and management of assets

The receiver and manager („administrator sechestru” in Romanian), which is appointed, at the creditor’s request, either by the Court of Law or by the bailiff, is entitled to manage the debtor’s assets for the benefit of the creditor. He can therefore prevent the fraudulent diminishment of the assets’ value or the redirecting of the revenues to third parties.

The receiver and manager is allowed by Romanian Law to manage all types of assets, including agricultural lands, office or residential buildings, hotels, industrial equipment, production units, etc.

The receiver and manager services at SECHESTRU-TOTAL are provided either by our own team or by carefully selected partners, for highly specialised fields of activity.

  • Corporate Vetting and Fraud Prevention

Whether you need information in the due-diligence phase of a potential business, you want to know more about a key business partner, or you simply want to make sure you comply with KYC and AML requirements, SECHESTRU-TOTAL can provide you the necessary data.

We are always connected to the best public and private information sources about businesses, the people that control them, their assets and the potential threats they face. Therefore, we can take on rigorous and reliable vetting processes in order for our client to make informed decisions and minimise commercial risks.